Experiential Learning in simple terms is learning while doing, which is the key approach for student centric learning for a sustainable future. Adarsha International works on the ethos of experiential learning which has been implemented at all the levels of learning, in the curriculum. The methodology includes engaging students in a cycle of activities and experiences, reflection, conceptualization, and application for the desired learning outcomes. Through practice, training, research, and the addition of like-minded teachers and administrators, the school’s vision and practices have evolved into a more conscious and thoughtful approach that has resulted in the adoption and employment of the hybrid model of activity/experience, reflection, conceptualization, and application.

Experiential Activities

Learning Outcome

The event not only showcases the sporting talent of the students but also instill the values of discipline, team work, persistence, tenacity, self-control and resilience in the young sportspersons. It provides a wonderful avenue for a budding sportsperson to display aptitude and take forward the learning from the experience, through handholding support from sincere coaches and a sophisticated infrastructure.
The event is a euphoric mix of a display of outstanding talents, nail-biting races, colorful drills and spectacular cultural performances.


Adarsha International School believes in an inter-disciplinary approach to learning, where rigorous academic concepts and topics are merged and aligned with real world lessons. Subject wise interdisciplinary projects are assigned to the students to come up with innovative ideas and designs.