Development of an organisation takes place when all its stakeholders unitedly work towards a common goal, holding each other’s hand. At Adarsha International School, our aim is to ensure quality education for the holistic development of students. It has a dynamic School Development Programme in place for all the stakeholders like parents, students, teachers and staff to keep them abreast of best global educational practices.

Handholding with Parents – Parents have always been partners in the teaching and learning process of the children and we have laid the foundation of our strong and lasting relationship on the basis of mutual respect and faith. Various parent’s orientation programs are conducted to keep them updated about their child’s progress. They are provided support in comprehending their child’s psychological needs, their cognitive and social skills, stages of brain development etc, to enable them to understand their child in a better way. They are also guided on good parenting practices. Events like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Art from the heart are platforms provided to spend quality time with family.

Enhancing Student Learning – Students’ development programs are conducted through various platforms to widen their knowledge horizon and promote positive emotional health and wellbeing. Regular webinars and career counselling sessions are conducted, guiding the students on how to select the right stream. Through experienced professionals, they are also guided on understanding their own skills and talents as well as their drawbacks. Various events and activities are strategically devised to enable students to become focused and confident individuals.

Teacher Enrichment – The continual professional upgradation of Teachers is vital for the growth and development of any Educational Institution. At Adarsha International School, learning is a continuous process which is followed by each and every member of the Faculty. The school conducts several workshops, seminars and symposiums, both face to face and online, for the enrichment of teachers throughout the year.

Staff Development – Proper orientation and refresher trainings have facilitated the Staff of Adarsha International School to form a close knit group of highly competent individuals, who have turned their weaknesses into strengths and impacted the performance of the school with their individual roles. Various kinds of facilitation are provided, across all levels, from safety training to subject-specific training. Regular in-house training programs for all levels of staff are conducted to foster growth and improve the efficiency, team cohesion and team morale.

The School Development Programme aims to determine a systematic approach of self-review, benchmarking individual skills and talents with international standards, identifying areas of improvement and providing the requisite handholding support to bridge the gap.