I am proud to say that the school is a repository of knowledge and experience .True knowledge is the power of teaching. Teaching can throw at us many challenges. A teacher is the one who knows the way, goes the way, show the way and leads other through that way. Education is a process of developing the art and habit of “learning to learn”. I believe that major objective of education is achieved, once we are able to instill this art of ‘learning to learn’ with right values. I am proud of my children and their constant efforts that have kept the Adarsha International School Flag always flying high .I believe that similar performance will be replicated each year which will be better than the previous year.
Adarsha International School provides ample opportunities for illuminating the childhood. It is of extreme importance that the childhood of a person stays happy and joyful as the memories &experiences of childhood shape the adulthood of human being. Their ability to adjust and camaraderie they share with each other makes them special.
AIS brings students at the centre stage of learning process and creates an environment where students can explore and acquire knowledge in their own style at their own peace of mind. We prepare our students for the challenges of 21st century by strengthening emotions, social and cognitive skills through building positive attitude, strong value system & by teaching children how to think divergently.
We shall leave no stone unturned in helping our children to think both critically and creatively in front of new situation .Thinking propels us towards knowledge and right knowledge enables right action which results in meaningful creation .we apply drilling method of teaching to the children of preprimary & primary classes for effective teaching and learning. By our hard work we are laying the ground work for reaching heights. Efforts & hard work in the present will lead us to a better future where work becomes worship. God’s grace flows without impediment s to those who work hard without stressing about the outcome.

Thanks & Regards
Mr. Santosh Ku. Goudu