1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning.  The left side of the brain is better developed with music, and songs can help imprint information on your minds. At AIS we begin singing in the Primary 2 class.

2.  A mastery of memorization.  Even when performing with sheet music, students musicians are constantly using their memory to perform.  The skill of memorization can serve students well in education and beyond.

3. Students learn to improve their work.  Learning music promotes craftsmanship and students learn to want to create good work instead of mediocre work.  This desire can be applied to all subjects of study.  Students practice weeks in advance for all their performances.  This encourages constant improvement.  Our students put on a Spring musical that enables them to create character and movement.

4.  Increased coordination. Students who practice musical instruments can improve their hand-eye coordination.  Children can develop motor skills when playing music.  At AIS, our students play recorders, keyboards, drums, ukuleles, bells, and numerous other percussion instruments.