We work on the 360 degree development of the students. Music and Dance are an important component of school education, the benefits of which have been largely documented. We have eight music labs and a dance lab in the School, catering to the likes and interests of our students.

Purpose – The purpose of having music and dance labs is to provide the students an understanding of the fundamentals of these forms of expression at the same time strengthening their bond with one of the finest forms of art. Exploring the various dimensions of music, whether performing a vocal solo, rehearsing to tune the strings or creating compositions, the main aim of the music labs of the school is to nurture creativity.

At the dance lab children learning the classical as well as modern form of dance

Faculty – The trained music faculty is committed to give the students the tools they need to study and perform, as well as the confidence and inspiration to pursue the music they find inspiring, ultimately making them calm, composed and in sync with their spiritual self.

Adarsha International School has dedicated music and dance teachers with music and dance labs such as Piano and Keyboard Lab, Guitar Lab, Flute Lab, Sitar Lab, Tabla, Drums Percussion, Violin and Vocal labs.